Welcome to A New Start in Littleton

A New Start  in Littleton is a treatment center that primarily focuses on substance abuse services, EOP, MIP,  Level I Education, Level II Education, and Level II Therapy.


Mary Jean Bedard, M.S.S.,M.Div, CACIII (a counselor for 40 years)

Personal and confidential

We treat each client with respect. We offer clear information and are happy to answer any questions about your treatment. We communicate the necessary information to your referral source in a timely fashion. We ask each client to treat other clients and our staff with respect also. We hope this is a pleasant learning experience for all of our clients.

OBH / ADAD Certified
Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle & Court required and approved
Alcohol / Drug & Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for DUI / DWI / DWAI & MIP clients. 

These Alcohol / Drug counseling classes include Level I Education Treatment,  Level II Education Treatment and Level II Therapy. 

Types of Services

Level II Education Treatment

Often for a BAC of .08-.120 

12 week course that is required for most DUI/DWAI offenders. It is required to complete just 2 hours of treatment once each week.  

Level II Therapy

Often for a BAC of .120 and above.

 Must first complete Level II Education. It is not to be taken at the same time as Education.

Level II Therapy consists of four tracks depending on the Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of the client at the time of arrest, as well as the client’s prior DUI/DWAI infractions. The four treatment tracks are:

Track A- 42 hours/21 weeks (BAC of .120-.150)
Track B- 52 hours/26 weeks(BAC of .150 and above/and refusals)
Track C- 68 hours/34 weeks (Second offense or more BAC .05-.150)
Track D- 86 hours/43 weeks (Second offense or more BAC .150 and above/refusals)​

Ongoing savings

Pay in full for any service and save 10%

Payment must be made on first day of class to receive the discount. 

We accept cash , checks and money orders